Migraine Treatment

36 of the 39 Volunteers said they would recommend Bowen as a treatment.

Below are quotes from some of the Migraine Volunteers:

"I have had more energy and Migraine-free time".

"I have been so used to frequent Migraines, I can't quite mentally adjust to not having pain."

"The most relaxing and enjoyable of any treatments I have previously tried."

"After the 2nd treatment, I had 9 days without Migraines which was wonderful."

"I feel I am more calm since having the treatment."

"I do not feel Migraine is now inevitable."

"I generally feel improvement & that I might be able to find relief or a cure for my Migraines other than taking medication."

"During treatment, my attacks were less severe and shorter and I was able to get back to work a lot quicker."

"I feel more able to participate in activities without fear of an attack."

"I feel more relaxed and don't feel my migraines rule my life anymore."

"I am extremely happy with the outcome and will probably continue a maintenance treatment as it was so pleasant and relaxed me, which I feel I need."

"Pain lasts a shorter time. I feel better quicker, so not so 'fragile' for so long."