Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can something as gentle as the Bowen Technique have any effect?

The Bowen Technique move is thought to stimulate impulses to the brain, which trigger exploratory signals to identify imbalances and energy blocks and gradually cause the body to correct itself.

2) Is Bowen only effective for muscle injuries?

No. I have personally conducted research on Migraine and Asthma, with very positive results. Both conditions can have many triggers not related to the musculo-skeletal structure of the body. They both show very explicit responses to the Bowen Technique .

3) How many sessions will I need to get results?

You will usually experience a sense of wellbeing in the first treatment. For long-term benefits, it is advisable to commit to at least three treatments of Bowen Technique, over a period of a month and to review your progress from there.
The speed of response is dependant on your body and your life history.

4) Do I need to be in pain or discomfort for these treatments to work?

No. The revitalising benefits of the Bowen Technique are like taking a 'mini holiday'. You haven't had the inconvenience of taking time off work, or packing for it, but you get all the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits.